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San Diego Pictures | San Diego photos and prints for your home, office or project.
July 22nd, 2008
Our photographs can be licensed for web site use. Web sites do not require much resolution so either of the two lowest cost licensing options will work for web sites. If your intent is to use an image for the "masthead" or "banner" at the top of your web site, for best quality license the image that has 1050 pixels of resolution. This size is optimial for web sites and business cards.
The lowest cost option provides an image file that is 400 pixels in the longest dimension and is perfect for web site display. It isn't suitable for masthead / banner display as mastheads / banners generally require 800 - 1024 pixels of resolution.
If you are looking for photographs suitable for use as a banner / masthead on your web site, be sure to visit the following two galleries. The photographs contained within are perfect for that use.
All of our photographs are available for download, immediately after payment of the appropriate licensing fee. Upon completing your payment, you will be directed to your download page.
If you have any questions about web site use, resolution needed, or the download process feel free to give us a call at: 858.274.0665.


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